Grave care in Belarus

Cemeteries in Belarus don’t provide individual grave care services, their responsibility is only the territory. By law, in Belarus one has to take care of a tombstone or a monument as it’s their private property. The state agency might place a notice on a grave indicating a 2-year deadline for cleaning or restoration. If the relatives haven’t reacted, the agency removes the fence and either removes the headstone or restores it on its own. Removing litter and trimming grass on a regular basis is something that can prevent the latter from happening.

I am offering the following grave care services in Belarus: grave lot cleaning, grass trimming, general care for the tombstone and repair.

I am using a US-made D2 solution to remove the vegetation from a headstone. Many grave care services in Belarus use methods that basically ruin the stone with chemicals. D2 was made specifically to destroy the growth like moss and bacteria keeping the monument itself intact.

grave care Belarus

Cemetery headstones in Belarus may get damaged by time, or, less frequently, by vandals (mostly eastern Belarus). I can examine the situation on site and come up with a solution for your case. I can arrange for preservation and restoration of your monument to slow down the deterioration or damage.

My grave visits include:

Tracking down the location of a grave / headstone;

Before and after pictures taken on the spot;

Grave area grass trimming;

Removing all litter: fallen leaves and twigs, dead plants;

Cleaning bird droppings or vegetation;

Watering plants if any;

Placing flowers or candles or a pebble of your choice.

Normally grave care services in Belarus can be rendered between April and October as an average daily temperature is above 5 Celsius. All graves are cared for with respect and dignity.

Prices are quoted for standard-sized graves with one tombstone located in Belarus. Upon my first visit I can see if a price correction is required based on the scale of work and materials involved. Multiple graves visited at the same cemetery allow me to offer a package discount.

Naturally, if you ever plan a trip to yoru ancestral town in Belarus, I will be happy to be your tour guide!