My name is Andrei Burdenkov, I am a certified tour guide in Minsk, Belarus. I majored in linguistics and international tourism in Minsk State Linguistic University graduating in 2008. Having worked as a travel agent for a while I realized that the ideal form of employment is self-employment.

As a Belarus tour guide I sometimes take people to their ancestral locations in the hope of finding the traces of their families. Sometimes connection gets found but frequently there is no trace left. Precisely this forced me to invest my efforts and savings into a project to index all existing historic cemeteries in Belarus and make them available online and for free. 

If you have a request or a suggestion or need help to plan your trip to Belarus I am contactable 24/7 and the FB group Historic Cemeteries of Belarus is open to anyone.

E-mail: andrei.burdenkov at

Mobile: +375293846689

Indexing a cemetery in Ilya, north of Minsk. Spring 2016. #gravesby

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