Location: Grodno region, Novogrudskij district

First mentioned in the chronicles in 1044 or 1116. Was historically located at the crossing of commercial routes, with time came to have a populous Jewish community. Currently Novogrudok is a district center with under 30 000 residents. City cetner features an old Catholic and Russian Orthodox cemeteries that have merged and a Jewish cemetery.


Novogrudok Cemeteries

Dates back to early 19th century and is located between Sovetskaya and Lenina Streets. Russian Orthodox and Catholic parts are separated by a path. Currently they are in a fairly bad shape.

Popular names

Новогран (8) Furowicz (5) Cwirko (5) Писарук (5) Абрамович (4) Lopacka (4) Zawisza (4) Mackiewicz (4) Kuklik (4) Przybytek (4)

Old Christian cemetery area in Minskaya Street. Today just a few tombstones standing at the foot of the hill.

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