Location: Minsk region, Stolbcovskij district, Nalibokskij village council

Naliboki lies 10 km north-west from Derevnaya. Naliboki is a locality center and is the oldest village of the area known since 1447. Several noble families owned the village including the Radziwills, Wittgensteins and Gogenlohe. In 1636 Albert Stanislav Radziwill had a wooden cathedral built that was rebuilt in 1699. In 1717 the Radziwills launched one of the country’s largest glass manufactories to produce mirrors, chandeliers and tableware. In the 1860s the village became a county center. In the early 20th century the Cathedral of Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary was built and can be seen there today. The permanent population of Naliboki today is about 480 people.


Naliboki Cemeteries

The graveyard dates back to the early 19th century and is well-tended. Located in the south of the village next to the red Catholic Church, its oldest section is behind the church. Accommodates residents from Naliboki, Kletishche, Tereboinoye, Yankovichy, Kamenka and others.

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Popular names

Miszuk (66) Doszczeczko (65) Дощечко (54) Farbotka (49) Grygorcewicz (41) Lukaszewicz (40) Adamcewicz (40) Мишук (35) Najdzion (35) Lankiewicz (31)

Naliboki Gallery