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Good day everyone - I am hoping to get help in locating any information about my father's side of the family. Kazimierz Antony Rogowski is my father's name. Here is the information I have: Born in Kurczyno, Poland on April 2, 1923, he was the son of the late Victor and Helena (Rzeczycki) Rogowski - he had 3 brothers: Chester, Waclaw, and Stanley ** None are living at this time, my father being the last of his family, passed away not too long ago ** He would tell me about life in the small farm town - Kurczyno.. or Kurchino - that it was not too far from Minsk or Litva (sp?) and that he also traveled to Budslaw to a beautiful cathedral there. Back when he was born, I believe Kurczyno was a part of Poland, but then became a part of Russia and is now a part of Belarus. I have 3 cards shown here that have Budslaw writing in both Polish and Russian.. given to my father from an old friend who mailed this to us back in 2004. He is no longer living either.. I am hoping to find some information on where my family is buried or if I have any family still there - cousins 2nd cousins... My father left Kurczyno when he was 16 - during WWII and could not return. He had a fascinating history of escaping and making his way to work for the allies in WW II and then he was offered a position to work in the forests of Canada after the war ended, and thus, he moved to the US.. so here I am, looking for my Polish/Belarusian roots on my father's side Thank you Kristina Rogowski